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Christmas 2006  


Cute furry bear



Sophie is feeling Christmassy today

Sophie Bear has been starting to practice her school christmas play today. She has come home singing her song, "Cock a Doodle Doo, Wake up wake up, Cock a Doodle Doo there's news for you ... ". Sophie is the cockerel that wakes everyone up. "No change there then", says Mrs Keen.

It's December so Mrs Keen suggested that they start decorating the house for Christmas. Sophie started jumping up and down - she loves Christmas!


Christmas tree in car with Sophie Bear

First thing to do is collect the tree from the Christmas Tree Farm. Last year Sophie felt sorry for the little baby tree. She bought him as well as the big one.

This year Sophie has a much bigger car but Mrs Keen says "No more!".



First job is to put up all the outdoor lights. Sophie started with the lights in the back garden.

Then they put up the fence in the front garden.



Next they went indoors. Sophie brought all the friendly snowmen down from the loft. They have a new home this year and Sophie helped to make it even more pretty for them.




Then Sophie decorates the rest of the dining room. Mrs Keen reaches up high to put the garland up while Sophie decorates the blue tree.




Now the dining room is finished, they can start on the lounge. First Sophie helps Mrs Keen drag the big tree out from the car. It is all wrapped in net to fit in the car so Sophie helps Mrs Keen to unwrap it.

"Hang on Sophie - you shouldn't climb on it!"


The tree was so tall that it touched the ceiling. Sophie wanted to try and climb it but Mrs Keen wouldn't let her. Silly Sophie - it might fall over and hurt you.

Mrs Keen chopped off the very top of the tree. "Awwww - why did you do that?" asked Sophie. "You'll see," replied Mrs Keen.

First they put all of the lights onto the tree.



Sophie and a friend prepare for Christmas with a tree


Then Sophie brought the little tree from the car. She can sit on the window ledge and reach this one so she started to decorate it herself!

After the lights come the baubles. "Be careful, Sophie." warned Mrs Keen, "These are glass and could break."

Sophie held one very carefully between her paws and hung it on the branch.


They finished all the baubles, the ribbon and even the crackers. Lastly came Sophie's favourite part! Can you guess what this was?

"YES, the chocolates", shouted Sophie as Mrs Keen pulled them from the box.

Sophie wanted to put them on the low branches so she could reach but Mrs Keen put some up high! Naughty Sophie popped one in her pocket ... "Oh dear, this one doesn't have any string so I'll just have to eat it," she said quietly!

Finally both trees were finished. Sophie looked up and saw why Mrs Keen had to chop some off the top ... otherwise the angel would have to bend her neck!

Aren't they beautiful?


Sophie looked past the little tree, "What's that?" she wondered. Something was on the front lawn.

"Great - the reindeer have arrived!" They must have flown in while Sophie was busy inside. Daddy Reindeer, Steve, Mummy, Dorothy and baby, Debbie.


Sophie was very pleased with herself and their beautiful house. It looked so good, even the trees started dancing!


"Merry Christmas Everyone "

says Sophie


Parent's Note

Sophie likes to have a real tree and goes each year to the Christmas Tree Farm in Hawkwell, Essex.

If you know of good amateur illuminations then send Sophie an email and we'll try to list it for you. Also, if you're in the Essex area then she would enjoy visiting!



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